The Memphis Packaging Center has the capability to package a multitude of glass and aluminum can configurations. We have a total capacity to package over 60 million cases.

Glass Packaging

11.2 oz. Package Configurations

  • 4/6 pack cartons

12 oz. Package Configurations

  • 2/12 pack cartons

Can Packaging

12 oz. Sleek Package Configurations

  • 12-pack loose
  • 24-pack loose
  • 4/6/8/12 pack fiber

12 oz. Package Configurations

  • 24-pack loose
  • 4/6/8/12/15/18 pack fiber
  • 30 cube
  • 4-pack/6-pack rim applied Hi-Cone

16 oz. Package Configurations

  • 24-pack loose
  • 4/6/8/12/15/18 pack fiber
  • 4-pack/6-pack rim applied Hi-Cone

24 oz. Package Configurations

  • 12-pack loose
  • 24-pack loose


Quality Assurance is achieved through integration of quality control, auditing, measurement method validation, and data validation. In our Production/Quality Assurance Program, quality checks by Production and QA occur at key receiving, blending, filling and finished goods locations. A state-of-the-art laboratory backs up the staff with chemical, physical and microbiological testing capabilities.

Analytical Lab

  • Anton Paar Alcolyzer and DMA 4500 density meter for beverage analysis
  • Mettler-Toledo Digital Refractometer: BRIX and Refractive index
  • Schimadzu 1201 UV-Vis spectrometer
  • Sigrist Process LabScat Photo/Haze meter
  • Metrohm DPM750 autotitrator
  • Perkin-Elmer GC
  • Agilent HPLC

Package Lab

  • Package Fills; Air and CO2
  • Secure Seal Test
  • Wilkens-Anderson (WACO) equipment for double seam full teardowns and evaluation
  • Eklund-Harrison Pasteurization Units monitoring
  • Anton Paar 35N Hand held density meters
  • Biotrace ATP luminometers to monitor microbial contamination
  • pH meters
  • Mettler-Toledo Digital Refractometer

Micro Lab

  • Total plate count
  • Yeast and mold count
  • Water plating
  • CIP Validation / Sanitation monitoring
  • Yeast Management

Other QA Functions

  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Retain Sample Library
  • Analytical and Packaging Data Reporting
  • Document Retention
  • GMP / HAACP, Food Safety, Plant audits
  • Sanitation Program Management
  • GMP and HACCP program Management

Warehousing / Logistics

Our warehouse, distribution and logistics experience is extensive. Careful handling and inspection at our warehouse ensures product leaves in excellent condition. Proper loading by our experienced personnel provides damage-free shipping for both domestic and international shipments.

Warehousing and Distribution

  • 328,080 square feet
  • Rail car capacity -- BNSF spike directly behind brewery
  • Highjump software bar code tracking installed