La Crosse


The Brewhouse in La Crosse is the kitchen of the brewery, which cooks the grains and hops, according to recipe, to produce a sweet fermentable liquid called wort which, after undergoing fermentation, will become beer. Our twin stream Brewhouse is capable of producing 16 brews per day at 1,100 barrels each for an annual capacity of nearly 7 million barrels of beer. City Brewery currently brews approximately 40 different brew recipes for contract brewing customers.


  • La Crosse has 70 fermentation tanks
  • Fermentation tanks are horizontal temperature controlled
  • Our brewing yeast strains are managed in a dedicated Yeast Room and grown in the Yeast Propagation Room

The Finishing Process

  • Beer is transferred to storage tanks for aging
  • Our aging cellars hold 70 storage tanks and are a mix of horizontal and vertical tanks of various sizes
  • Aged beer is centrifuged prior to filtration
  • This is carried out using a 900 barrel per hour centrifuge system, which supplies a 1,000 square foot US Filter


  • The single-pass filtration process is performed after the storage beer has been centrifuged
  • Filtration is through a 1,000 square foot, vertical leaf, US Filter. Process speed is 750 finished barrels per hour
  • Finished beer is filtered into the Package Release Cellar


At La Crosse, our state-of-the-art, computerized batching/blending room utilizes Rockwell Software's RS Batch program suite capable of batching and blending alcoholic, non-alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. We have four blend loops, each separately controlled through isolated terminals.

Batch Sizes

  • Batch size of 24,800 gallons
  • All batches are single strength to the filler

Storage and Transfer

  • Stainless steel and Glass lined storage tanks
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Re-circulating finish tanks


  • Bulk truck and rail unloading stations
  • Bulk liquid, tote and drum storage
  • Storage for dry bag and drum ingredients
  • Refrigerated storage space available


The La Crosse Packaging Center has the capability to package a multitude of glass, aluminum can configurations, and kegs. The center consists of three glass bottling lines, three aluminum can lines, a keg line, a pouch line and a variety pack line. We have a total capacity to package over 50 million cases.

Glass Packaging

Three Lines Featuring

  • Bulk glass depalletizers
  • H&K bottle fillers
  • Carbonated filling capability
  • Tunnel warming and/or pasteurization
  • Cold-glue labelers
  • Pressure Sensitive Labeling (PSL) with back labeling capability

Crown and Closure Capabilities

  • Twist-off or Pry-off 26mm crowns on 11.2 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 20.3 oz. and 24 oz. bottles. A specific bottle size of the customer's choice is an option
  • 28mm and 38mm ROPP aluminum bottle closures for 32 oz. and 40 oz. bottles

Glass Package Configurations

  • 24 bottles per case in 4-pack or 6-pack basket carriers
  • 2/12-pack cartons in a tray
  • 24 bottles per case loose packed with a partition

Rainbow Line

  • Bottle diameters 2.50" (+- .10), heights up to 9.00"
  • 12 pack "battery boxes" packed in a tray or 1-24 pack case with a partition insert
  • "Rainbow" flavor mixes - up to and including 6 flavors in the 12-pack or 24-pack cases

Can Packaging

Three Lines Featuring

  • Bulk can depalletizers
  • H&K fillers with Angelus Seamers
  • Carbonated or non-carbonated filling capability
  • Cold-Fill and HTST Hot-Fill capability (HTST Hot-Fill 24oz only)
  • Nitrogen injection systems
  • Tunnel warming and/or pasteurization for various products


  • 211 diameter cans with 202 ends industry standard
  • 300 diameter cans with 209 ends

12 oz. Package Configurations

  • 4/6/8/12/15/18/24 suitcase/24 cube/30 stack/36 stack cartons
  • 4-pack/6-pack rim applied Hi-Cone in a tray
  • 24 cans loose in a shrink wrapped tray

16 oz. Package Configurations

  • 4/6/8/12/15/18/24 suitcase cartons
  • 4-pack/6-pack rim applied Hi-Cone in a tray
  • 24 cans loose in a shrink wrapped tray

24 oz. Package Configurations

  • 12 cans loose in a shrink wrapped tray
  • 24 cans loose in a shrink wrapped tray


Quality Assurance is achieved through integration of quality control, auditing, measurement method validation, and data validation. In our Production/Quality Assurance Program, quality checks by Production and QA occur at key receiving, blending, filling and finished goods locations. A state-of-the-art laboratory backs up the staff with chemical, physical and microbiological testing capabilities.

Analytical Lab

  • Anton Paar Alcolyzer Beer ME
  • Anton Paar DMA 5000 M
  • Perkin Elmer Flexar HPLC with autosampler
  • Perkin Elmer Clarus GC with TurboMatrix 40 headspace autosampler
  • Mettler Toledo T5 Excellence Titrator
  • Optek Turbidometer DT 9011

Package Lab

  • Orbisphere 6110 Package Analyzer
  • Accuseam Seam Evaluation
  • Pasteurization Monitoring
  • Mecmesin Orbis Torque Meters
  • Pentair CO2/O2 Gehaltemeters

Micro Lab

  • Total plate count
  • Anaerobic plating
  • Yeast and mold count
  • Yeast Propagation
  • Yeast Viability
  • Water plating
  • CIP Validation/Sanitation Monitoring

Other QA Functions

  • Plant Sanitation, GMP, HACCP and Food Safety Audits
  • HARPC Food Safety Plan and Food Defense Plan Management
  • Sanitation Program Management
  • GMP and HACCP Program Management
  • Analytical and Packaging Data Reporting
  • Retain Sample Library
  • Sensory Evaluation

Warehousing & Logistics

Our warehouse, distribution and logistics experience is extensive. Careful handling and inspection at our warehouse ensures product leaves in excellent condition. Proper loading by our experienced personnel provides damage-free shipping for both domestic and international shipments.

Warehousing and Distribution

  • 500,000 square feet of ambient warehouse space
  • 8,000 square feet of refrigerated cooler space
  • 80 truck loading dock doors
  • 4 separate rail sidings for box cars, tanker cars and grain cars used on both inbound product and outbound shipments
  • 200 trucks per day capacity, with rail car access
  • 24/5 loading available by appointment
  • Inter-modal and container loading
  • All product is stretch wrapped and palletized
  • International and domestic freight expertise
  • Inter-modal, container, trailer and rail car cross docking system
  • 300 space drop trailer capacity
  • Spotting service available

Logistics and Inventory

  • Modern Warehouse Management System, including bar code scanning
  • 3 million cases of product and hundreds of SKUs easily tracked and maintained
  • Strict adherence to FIFO and shipping accuracy
  • Timely inventory reporting
  • Conveniently located in the Midwest along the interstate system, making shipping to both coasts easy and affordable
  • LTL and TL freight companies have terminals within the area
  • Proven load pattern designs